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Sitting arrangement Quiz

Eight students A, D, H, K, N, S, R, and T are sitting in a straight line facing North.  Each of them gets different marks in maths test viz 15, 21, 24, 28, 34, 37, 39, and 46, but not necessarily in the same order.
R and N sit immediate to each other and one of them sits at any of the extreme ends of the line. H and the one who got 28 marks sit immediate to each other. Only one student sit between K and the one who gets 48 marks. Difference between the marks of A and K is 6. The one who get 7 marks more than H, sits third to the right of H. D sits third to the left of the one who gets 28 marks. N gets 9 marks more than S. H does not get 24 marks. D sits in the middle of H and R. D gets 12 marks less than N. K does not get 15 marks. The one who gets 37 marks sits immediate right of A.

1. Who among the following gets 28 marks?

    1. H                         2. A

    3. T                         4. K

    5. None of these

2. How many marks did H get?

   1. 34                         2. 37

   3. 39                         4. 21

   5. None of these

3. Who among the following pair sits at the extreme end?

    1. R, S                     2. N, A

    3. R, A                    4. N, S

    5. None of these

4. What is the marks difference between R and S?

    1. 10                        2. 13

    3. 8                          4. 9

5. Who among the following sits between K & T?

    1. S                          2. H

    3. A                          4. D

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