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Problems on Average And Ages - Aptitude Questions and Answers

                           Problems on Average And Ages

Directions (1-2): Answer these questions based on the information given below.

There are five members A, B, C, D, and E in a family. Ratio of ages of A and B five years ago was 3:4. Sum of ages of D and E five years hence will be 90. If C were born four years later than his actual date of birth, present Age of C would be half to that of present age E.

1.     What is the age of d 4 years ago if the current age of C is 27 years?

(a)  36 years                                      (c) 34 years
(b)  38 years                                      (d) 30 years

          2.   After 3 years, will be 20 years old. What is the average age of current ages of A, B, D, and E together?

(a)   29 years                                                           (c) 30 years
(b)   29.5 years                                                       (d) 30.5 years

3.  2n years ago the age of Raju was four times that of his son and n years ago, the age of Raju was thrice that of his son.  If n years later, the sum of the ages of Raju and his son will be 80 years, then the difference in the ages of Raju and his son is
(a)   20 years                                                            (d) 30 years
(b)   40 years                                                            (e) 34 years
(c)   24 years

4 . The sum of Ages of father and son is 50 years 8 years ago, the product of their ages was two times the father's age at that time, then the present age (in years) of the father and son respectively are
(a)   39,6                                                                   (d) 40,10
(b)   36,9                                                                   (e) None of these
(c)   35.10

5.  Shweta and Neha professor to tell their present ages as 25 and 20 years respectively.( Not original age). Ratio of their original ages 5 years ago is 5:4 sum of Ages of both 5 years hence is 400/9 % more than the sum of present ages of both professed by them find the sum of their present original age
               (a)   25                                                                       (d) 40 
               (b)   35                                                                       (e) 50
               (c)   55

6.  Ratio of the present age of P and Q is 3:4 sum of the present age of S and P is 41. R is 5 years younger than Q. Average of present age of Q, R and S is 22 years. Find the difference of S and R’s age
              (a)   3                                                                           (d) 5
              (b)   2                                                                           (e) 4
              (c)   1

7.  Satish age is 4 times the present age of his son's age. After 4 years the age of Satish become three times the age of his son's age. If Satish’s  wife age is 7/ 8 of his age then find out the average of present age of Satish wife and his son
              (a)   18                                                                          (d) 16           
              (b)   20                                                                          (e) 21
              (c)   14

8. In a company there are 252 employees, in which the ratio of the number of men and women is 2:1. Some more women are employed and the ratio of men and women becomes 1:1. The average of all the employees is now 22 years and the average age of women is 2 years less than the average age of the men. Find the average age (in years) of men and women
              (a)   22,20                                                                      (d) 21,23
              (b)   24,22                                                                      (e) None of these
              (c)   23,21

9.  In an exam of chemistry, Three Students X Y and Z participated and got an average score 80 in another exam I got e dot maths two students X and Y got 20% more marks then in chemistry exam while Z got 10% less marks relative two chemistry exam average mark in maths exam is 6 more than average marks in chemistry exam if difference between score of X and Y in maths exam is 24 then find the average of all the three students in biology exam if x and y got 25% more marks in biology and maths exam while Z got only 10% more marks than maths exam
              (a)   101                                                                         (d) 108
              (b)   105                                                                         (e) 104
              (c)   103

10.  The average age in years of a group of people is twice the number of people in the group. A person, X, leaves the group and the average age is still twice the number of people in the group now another person, Y leaves the group and the average age is still twice the number of people in the group. If the ratio of the ages of X and Y is 19:17, then find the average age of the group, if one more person, Z, of age 16 years, leaves the group
             (a)   10                                                                              (d) 18
             (b)   15                                                                              (e) None of these
             (c)   16


  1. (d)
  2. (b)
  3. (d)
  4. (d)
  5. (c)
  6. (e)
  7. (a)
  8. (b)
  9. (b)
  10. (c)